Delivering the Future Airspace Strategy (FAS) is vital for the UK economy. It will create the safe and sustainable airspace infrastructure needed to ensure that the UK remains connected in our post-Brexit world.

There will be many benefits across the aviation industry, for the people who use it, and those with a connection to the UK airspace. These include:

  • fuel savings from more direct routeing and greater flight efficiency
  • time savings from simplified flight plans
  • greater sharing of up-to-date flight information between airlines, airports and air traffic control
  • additional capacity in the air and on the ground when and where needed
  • CO2 savings because flights will be more direct and use less fuel
  • noise reductions from less aircraft holding at low levels
  • passenger time savings from more direct flights and the provision of additional capacity when and where needed.

All of this and more can be achieved with FAS. Take a look at each of the stakeholder pages for more detail on the specific benefits.