Benefits of European Airspace Modernisation

Airspace modernisation in Europe will create massive benefits for Europe’s citizens. But progress towards a Single European Sky has been slow.

IATA has produced a new film to illustrate the need for wider airspace modernisation. In there film IATS says that to make progress without delay, European nations, together with air navigation service providers and airlines, urgently need to develop National Airspace Strategies.

A new report has calculated that the European economy will be boosted by EUR245 billion in 2035 if European airspace is modernized. The report calculates the impact if the inefficiencies in European air traffic management (ATM), which include unnecessary route extensions of up to 50km and delays of around 10 minutes per flight, were eliminated. Europe has had a long-standing program, the Single European Sky (SES), aimed at eliminating these inefficiencies. Its targets include a reduction in environmental impact of 10%, a threefold increase in capacity, and a reduction of costs of 50%.

See the film and read more on the report.